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GVS 202 S T10
Resolution 10 μm



Self-aligned incremental optical scale, with stainless steel grating


  • Optical incremental scale with stainless steel measuring support. High mechanical resistance and thermal expansion suitable for the application, for a constant accuracy at any temperature.
  • Particularly suitable for applications on synchronized press brakes.
  • Transducer guided by a self-aligned and self-cleaning sliding carriage with spring system.
  • No contact reader head. No friction: high duration and tolerance against environmental dirty.
  • Measuring length up to 30.000 mm, in modular version.
  • Resolution up to 0.1 μm.
  • Accuracy grade ± 2.5 μm in the standard version and ± 1 μm in the high-accuracy version. Metrological certificate provided with each scale.
  • Selectable reference indexes every 10 mm along the entire measuring length, with Zero Magneto Set device.
  • The adjustable cable output and the selectable zero references make the scale SYMMETRIC and applicable to both columns of the press brake.
  • Safety limit switches, positionable at both ends.
  • Sealing lips for the protection of the grating, made of special elastomer resistant to oil and wearing. Self-blocking special profile.
  • Various possibilities of application, with double-effect joint or steel wire. Interchangeable with GVS 2xx line and with the previous model PBS-HR.
  • High accuracy and stability of signals even in case of high speed, strong accelerations and vibrations.
  • Moulded M12 connector (IP 67) or other models on request.
  • Protected against inversion of power supply polarity and short circuits on output ports